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About Ken Long & Associates

In 1978 Ken and Ruth Long opened Runners' Forum, a retail outlet specializing in running and walking shoes, apparel and accessories. As a way of promoting the store, they began organizing running and walking events. Sixteen years ago the Longs sold the retail division of Runners' Forum and created Ken Long & Associates (KLA).

KLA employs four office personnel, eleven associates, and sixteen instructor/coaches to produce, promote, and organize special events focusing on running and walking. The events are open to people of all ages and abilities. KLA also offers training programs (corporate and public), seminars, sales, and clinics.

To deliver a professional organized event, and to receive your comments and suggestions for immediate action, KLA also has an Advisory Committee at each run and walk. Advisory Committee members are identified by a unique orange competitive number and are on hand to receive comments, constructive criticism, and suggestions.

As specialists in the field of fitness and athletics, Ken Long & Associates provide clients and participants with the best product at the least possible cost. KLA understands the necessity of proper planning and in administrating all facets of running and walking events. We have the knowledge, equipment, and manpower to provide an enjoyable and productive event for all concerned.

KLA's relationship with the many city departments, sponsors, charities, and their community involvement is of the highest standard.

The KLA name on an event is recognized among the above groups and participating runners and walkers as one providing excellent standards.

For additional information e-mail us at klong@kenlongassoc.com or call (317) 884-4001.

Scoring & Timing with DAG

We have chosen the DAG SYSTEM because of the following attributes:

  • Disposable chip
  • Performance
  • High reliability
  • Convenience to the participant
  • Has a back-up system
Registration & Packet Pick-Up

The chip is attached to your bib number, which is one single function at registration and packet pick-up - one single product for timing and identification.

No wasting time - pick up your bib number and have your chip already in place.

Finish Line

No more having to stop after you cross the finish line. You can continue on to the Rest and Recovery area. You don't have to stop for someone to remove the chip and you don't have to worry about losing or forgetting to turn in your chip - ours are disposable!

Our finish line is wide, over 19 feet, free of any ground installation and will time and score 125 finishers every second.

No finish line system of any kind is 100% perfect, but with our system we have a back-up, just in case you were missed at the actual finish line. Beyond the finish line you will see people with what looks like modified ping-pong paddles, who will be waving them in front of your number to record anyone not picked up at the finish line.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the finish line!

Indianapolis Women's Half Marathon & 5K

Resolution Revolution

January 1, 2014
New Year's Day!
Indianapolis, IN

Bricks to Bricks Training

January 21, 2014
Half Marathon Training Program
Indianapolis, IN