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KLA 2010 is to engage all runners and walkers of all ages and abilities, promote continuous physical activity and a healthy lifestyle through education and opportunity.


The purpose of the KLA 2010 events is to promote fitness, health and improve quality of life. The goal of the KLA 2010 events are to educate and promote healthier lifestyles, increase business for our sponsors, partners and KLA, therefore making Indianapolis a healthier community.

2010 Training Programs

For 31 years, KLA has provided successful training for long distance road racing and believe that there is much more to running and walking a road race than just putting one foot in front of the other. We feel that going out and just doing mileage, whether individually or with a group, is not sufficient to adequately meet your goals.

The three different training levels are designed for people who will be attempting a marathon or half-marathon with a goal of...

  • just finishing
  • for people who want to improve their time
  • for the runner or walker who has the desire to reach a more competitive goal
  • or for the advanced who want to reach the next step up the ladder

Although we have group runs and walks at each session, our focus is on coaching and providing relevant instruction. The training programs provide an overview of all aspects of training in order to peak for the event of your choice.

The winter / spring Bricks to Bricks Training Program starts January 26 & 27 and meets for 15 weeks through May 5. The locations are downtown Indianapolis and south at Greenwood.

The summer / fall Marathon and Half-Marathon Training Program begins July 27 and meets weekly until November 9 and is located in downtown Indianapolis.

Awards Breakdown

Youth divisions for boys and girls ages 9 & Under, 10 to 12, 13 to 14 and 15 to 18. The top 3 in each division will receive trophies. All finishers age 14 & under will receive Finishers' Ribbons.

Adult Divisions

Overall - the top 3 male & female finishers will receive either cash, merchandise, etc.

Age Divisions

Age Division No. of Female Awards No. of Male Awards
19 to 24 4 3
25 to 29 4 3
30 to 34 4 3
35 to 39 3 3
40 to 44 3 3
45 to 49 3 4
50 to 54 3 4
55 to 59 3 4
60 to 64 3 3
65 to 69 3 3
70 to 74 2 2
75 to 79 2 2
80 & Over 1 1

Age division awards are discount certificates which will allow you to redeem them at one of the retail stores below, with no minimum purchase required.

  • First place allows 30% discount on your purchase
  • Second place allows 25% discount on your purchase
  • Third place allows 20% discount on your purchase
  • Fourth place allows 20% discount on your purchase
Beat The Clock

At specific events a finish time will be determined and whoever is the first finisher to beat that time will receive a cash bonus.

Events' Final Instruction / Personal Summary Handout

At each event, participants will receive a brochure containing the following information:

  • Course map
  • Written course description
  • Race day schedule
  • Water stop locations
  • Timing chip information
  • Upcoming KLA 2010 events
  • Space to record your finish time, overall place, place in your division, weather conditions, effort, notes, etc.